Light Editing

Light editing is our featured service. It is ideal for customers who want high quality, professional editing without major revisions or rewriting. Light editing increases the clarity, readability, and professionalism of your writing without changing its content, organization, or style.

Unlike regular editing, our light editing is designed for your final draft. It assumes that you have finished writing your document and do not want major changes. Light editing provides a careful, final review that corrects English mistakes and typographical errors and improves the overall quality of your writing.

We pride ourselves, not on rewriting your document our way, but on making your writing the best that it can be.

What is included in Edit24-7 light editing?
  • Edit24-7 Proofreading

    Our thorough, professional proofreading is included!

  • Word Choice

    We replace unidiomatic or unintended words and maintain the consistency of tenses and pronouns.

  • Sentence Structure

    We generally alter the structure of a sentence only if there is a problem, such as ambiguity or excessive complexity. We occasionally break up or simplify a sentence to improve clarity. We may break up or simplify sentences more often if your writing suffers from a pattern of complex, difficult-to-follow sentences, but we avoid altering the character of your writing.

  • Flow and Transition (minor improvements)

    For the sake of readability and logical progression, we may occasionally change the order of sentences in a paragraph or add a necessary transition.

What is NOT included in Edit24-7 light editing?
  • Reorganization

    We do not rearrange (or suggest that you rearrange) the order of paragraphs, sections, or pages of your document. We do not alter the structure of your document in any way.

  • Truth or Soundness of Argument

    We do not evaluate whether your claims are true, well argued, or sufficiently supported. We do not change your assertions or your arguments (or suggest that you do).

  • Formatting

    We preserve the formatting and style of your document, but we do not reformat it. Academic style checking of references and citations does not include formatting.

  • Specialized Knowledge

    Although our editors collectively span many areas of expertise, we do not edit documents that require a high degree of specialized knowledge.

  • Missing or Inaccurate References and Citations

    We inform you if a reference is missing or if information within a reference is missing, but we do not supply the missing reference or information. We also do not check the accuracy of your references and citations.

For More Information

For more information on our services, see our detailed description of proofreading and our FAQ.

For information on prices and turnaround, see our Prices & Turnaround page

Edit24-7 maintains the highest standards of privacy, security, and confidentiality. See our Privacy page for details.

PLEASE NOTE: Proofreading alone is not recommended for those with difficulty writing English. If English is not your first language or if writing is a challenge for you, we strongly recommend light editing. If, however, we believe that your document needs major revisions or rewriting, we will respectfully decline your submission.


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  • Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation
  • Labels, Lists, Numbering, etc.
  • Citation Style (APA, MLA, Chicago)

Light Editing

  • Includes Proofreading!
  • Sentence Structure, Word Choice
  • Flow and Transition


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