Edit24-7 appreciates the fact that our customers entrust us, not only with personal identification and billing information, but with intellectual property that may be highly confidential or proprietary. We treat your information--even the fact that you are a customer--with the highest degree of privacy, security, and confidentiality.

Your information may be viewed as falling into three categories: 1) personal identification and billing information; 2) your content, i.e., your documents, both before and after we service them, and any supporting materials you provide; and 3) technical and technology-based information, that is, information sent from your computer to our computers that is not explicitly entered or transmitted by you. This page describes how the information in each of these categories is used, maintained, and protected by Edit24-7.

1. Personal Identification and Billing Information

a. Account Registration and Access to Account Information

In order to receive service from Edit24-7, you must register for an account. Registration requires that you provide your name and email address and that you create a password. We also recommend that you provide a phone number in case of a question or problem with an order, but this is optional. On your My Account page, you can view and edit the information you have provided as well as change your password. Your My Account page can only be accessed by signing in.

When you register, view or update your account information, place orders, or purchase credit, your information is encrypted using secure socket layer technology (SSL). This prevents others from viewing your information between your browser and our server. All email corespondence from Edit24-7 is also encrypted via SSL. See to learn more about SSL.

Your account information includes your order history, pending order status, and credit purchase history. This information is displayed on your My Account page.

If your account is linked to the account of a business or other organization, you consent to allow Edit24-7 to provide your documents and order history to the individuals in your organization who are responsible for the account.

We do not disclose your account information to our editors. Editors do, however, see personal information contained in documents submitted for service. If, for example, your name and address appear in your document, then your editor will be able to see your name and address. Our editors sign strict non-disclosure agreements covering your personal information, your documents, and any supporting materials that you provide.

Edit24-7 customer service agents are required to access your account information only with your permission. Customer service agents have signed strict non-disclosure agreements that prohibit recording, sharing, or using any of your information in any way that is not required to provide Edit24-7 customer service.

Account information is maintained in our system as long as necessary to comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements.

Note that internet communication and electronic storage are never 100% secure. For this reason, we outsource our data center, network, and billing functions to professional organizations with recognized security certifications. We cannot, however, guarantee security. We recommend using the latest version of your web browser to take advantage of the newest security features. It is your responsibility to enable these features and to keep your PC security up-to-date.

b. Billing Information

In order to receive service from Edit24-7, you must provide credit card and personal identification information to our payment processor, PayPal. Edit24-7 does not view, collect, store, or maintain this information. Edit24-7 may provide your customer ID and order IDs to PayPal. We will not disclose your customer ID or order IDs to any other third party for any reason (except as described in section 1i, “Exceptional Circumstances”).

PayPal employs industry-leading technology and best practices to insure the highest degree of security and confidentiality.

c. Your Name

Edit24-7 uses your name to identify your account internally and with PayPal. No other use of your name will be made. We will not disclose your name to any other third party for any reason (except as described in section 1i, “Exceptional Circumstances”).

d. Your Email Address

Your email address is used as your sign-in ID, that is, you must provide your email address in addition to your password in order to sign in. Edit24-7 uses your email address to communicate with you by email. We send email to confirm purchases and orders, to notify you when an order has been completed, and to keep you informed if any problem or question should arise regarding your order, purchase, or account. We may send marketing email containing links to opt-out of any future marketing email. Marketing email may be sent by a third party service to whom we have provided your email address. Any such third party service would be bound by a non-disclosure agreement not to share or sell your email address or to use it for marketing for anyone other than Edit24-7. Edit24-7 will not disclose your email address to any other third party for any reason (except as described in Terms and Conditions, section 1i, “Exceptional Circumstances”).

e. Your Phone Number

Providing your phone number is optional. Your phone number may be used by Edit24-7 exclusively to call you if there is a question or problem with an order or purchase or with your account. Your phone number will not be used for marketing or sales purposes. We will not disclose your phone number to any third party for any reason (except as described in section 1i, “Exceptional Circumstances”).

Edit24-7 does not collect, store, or maintain your phone number unless you provide it to us in your Edit24-7 account registration or on your My Account page.

f. Your Account Password

Your password is known only to you. You can change your password on your My Account page, but you cannot view it. If you forget your password, you can reset it using a verification code sent to your email address.

g. Your Order History

Edit24-7 does not disclose your order history to any third party other than to PayPal to insure that you are billed correctly (except as described in section 1i, “Exceptional Circumstances”).

h. Merger or Sale of Company

If Edit24-7 or a substantial part of Edit24-7 were sold or merged with another company, your account information and any stored documents could be transferred to the new owner. This privacy policy, or an equivalent policy, would become binding upon the new owner.

i. Exceptional Circumstances

We reserve the right to disclose your account information to appropriate legal authorities or other parties (i) as required by law; (ii) when we believe that disclosure is necessary to comply with a subpoena, judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process; (iii) when we believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, your safety, or the safety of others; (iv) to investigate fraud; or (v) to respond to a government request.

2. Your Content

Edit24-7 defines "customer content" to include (i) all materials submitted by the customer for service; (ii) all supporting materials supplied by the customer including notes and the answers to questions on the order form; (iii) all materials proofread, edited, or otherwise serviced by Edit24-7 that are returned to the customer; and (iv) any feedback provided by the customer to Edit24-7. (See sections 6 and 7 of Terms and Conditions.)

All copyrights, intellectual property rights, ownership, and control over customer content are retained solely by the individual or entity holding these rights and privileges over the original materials submitted to Edit24-7. (This may be the author or authors, the author's employer, the publisher, a purchaser of the content, or some other entity.) Edit24-7 does not share, sell, distribute, reproduce, publish, or transmit any customer content without the express, written consent of the customer. All customer content is kept strictly confidential by Edit24-7 (except as described in section 1i, "Exceptional Circumstances").

Please note that Edit24-7 retains all copyrights and intellectual property rights for what we call "service content," that is, our comments to you, including the markup of your documents. You, or the appropriate parties, own the final drafts of your documents that incorporate our changes, but we retain ownership of our comments and any descriptions of the changes we make. You may use our comments and markup for reasonable private purposes, but you may not publish them or share them with third parties. (See section 8 of Terms and Conditions, "Service Content: Definition, Ownership, Copyrights, and Use.")

To further ensure the privacy of your content, we delete your documents from our servers 30 days after your order is completed. You may delete your documents from our servers as soon as they are available.

3. Technical and Technology-Based Information

Like most commercial websites, our website logs a variety of information automatically when you visit. This includes the date and time of your visit, your language and other preferences, the pages you view, what you click on and in what order, as well as more-technical information such as your computer's IP address, browser type, operating system, network routing information, and any errors your browser receives from our website. We use this information to analyze how our customers use our website in the aggregate and to administer the website. Information that could be used to identify an individual would only be used for this purpose in the exceptional circumstances described in section 1i above. We use aggregate information about customer usage to improve our website and services and to provide potential advertisers with information about the popularity of our website.

Any third parties who may help us process or analyze our logs, or potential advertisers with whom we communicate, are required to sign strict non-disclosure agreements.

Similarly, like most commercial websites, we use both session ID cookies and persistent cookies to enable the ability to place orders, for authentication, and to provide us with information about traffic patterns on our website. Cookies are text files. They do not gather information from your computer, but they may be updated with information that you provide when you use our website. Session ID cookies contain no personally identifying information, and they are deleted automatically as soon as you close your browser. Persistent cookies are stored for a fixed amount of time on your computer, but they can be deleted anytime from your browser.

4. Questions and Concerns about Our Privacy Policy

If you have any question or concern about this Privacy policy, please contact Customer Service. Please include the details of your question or concern and how you would like us to contact you in response. We will acknowledge receipt of your question or concern and reply once we have had the opportunity to investigate. We reserve the right to require confirmation of your identity and a written, signed copy of your question or concern.